Friday, September 25, 2009

A Night with Steven

So there are a few perks when your a nanny and the kids go to a school with lots of crazy connections ;) About a week ago I noticed a invitation hanging up at work for a private mini concert with Steven Curtis Chapman at a family's house. I decided to ask the mom about it and she invited me to come along with them. No one really knew what to expect, like how big it would be or even if we would get a chance to meet him. We get to the house and there is a big tent set up with tables for us to sit at and eat BBQ. While we were starting to eat Steven Curtis Chapman is introduced as well as his two sons. It was pretty cool!!! They sang maybe 4 0r 5 songs while we ate. Then Steven talked to us for a while about how adoption has touched his family's life. I think its safe to say that there were not many dry eyes after hearing all the stories of their sweet daughters they have adopted. He also spoke of Maria and the struggles their family has encountered after losing her last May. One of the main reasons for the concert was to get people aware of Show Hope. Its the organization they started to assist families financially who are adopting. After he spoke he sang a few more songs which were very sweet!!! A few of them were about Maria and also the many orphans out in the world. I got a little teary eyed again ;) I think a lot of the evening hit home since my sister will be bringing a sweet little boy home in a few short exciting!!!!!!!! After the show I wasn't sure if we were going to get a chance to meet Steven. Well I decided I would head up to the back of the stage just in case. Turns out it was a good thing I did. Not only was I able to meet him but I had a picture of my nephew for him to see and had him autograph it. I will be sending that to my sister which I think she is a little excited about :) I also spoke with a person that does a lot with Show Hope and I might try to one day go on a mission trip with them to China. He said they always need people to hold babies in the orphanage. That would be soooooo awesome, though I think I would want to bring them all home ;) It turned out to be an AWESOME evening!!!!!